By Jessica Domel

Chipotle is at it again. Just months after their ad campaign bashing farmers and ranchers, they once again deal a slap to the face of American agriculture.

The Mexican grill, known for its burritos and tacos, has announced they’ll be importing their beef from Australia. You read that right. Instead of working with ranchers here to meet their needs, they’re going to ship their beef from the land down under all the way to the U.S. That’s an 8,000-mile trip for beef when there’s plenty of hard-working ranchers here willing to do what they can for consumers.

Chipotle says they want their meat to be “responsibly raised.” I’ve known farmers and ranchers my entire life; and I don’t know a more responsible, caring bunch of people. They respect their livestock, the land and the people who will utilize the products they grow. They’re not in it for the money.

I understand that Chipotle is targeting a certain demographic, and that there are people who prefer grass-fed beef over corn-fed. I get that some people don’t want to eat products with genetically-modified products in it. I respect your right to make that choice.

But what I don’t respect is Chipotle’s decision to bypass the many hard-working American ranchers who do have all-natural herds or grass-fed cattle, which is what they’re buying from Australia.

I prefer to use my hard-earned dollar to support businesses, families and agriculture right here at home.

Chipotle, you can keep your overpriced burrito. I trust our American farmers and ranchers.