By Jessica Domel

For two days, I waited for the battle royale to begin in my refrigerator, but alas, every time I opened the door I found a plain looking head of organic cabbage hanging out on the bottom shelf with my traditionally-grown carrots and cilantro.

After all that’s been posted on Facebook lately about the battle between organic and non-organic, I thought for sure there would be half a head of cabbage left hanging for dear life off the bottom shelf while the carrots and cilantro desperately tried to seek refuge on a taller shelf.

That didn’t happen.

As it turns out, no one–including me–really cared that I couldn’t find non-organic cabbage in the grocery store Friday or that I bought traditional items and mixed them all together to create a really tasty soup. No one cared. The lady at H-E-B didn’t stop ringing up my purchases to tell me it was heresy, nor did the woman behind me who is giving veganism a try.

I thought there would be more fanfare considering all the arguments I’ve seen lately about the pros and cons of both types of food. But I got nothing. Just some vegetables hanging out in my fridge waiting to be eaten.

I took them out, washed them off really well, cut them up, tossed them in the pot of soup and, later, ate them.

I didn’t get sick from eating one food or the other. I didn’t even get sick from eating them together!

So what’s all the fuss about? Why do people who prefer just organic foods or just traditionally-grown foods attack lovers of the other kind? The arguments I’ve seen on Facebook have been really heated lately. Long-time friends have been calling each other liars and insinuating that one cares about their children more than the other. Personally, I think they both love their kids a lot.

So why are we attacking one another? I could sit here and talk about how I believe that non-organic produce isn’t any better for you than organic produce, but that would likely prompt another argument. I’m also not above buying organic if it’s there and looks better.

So here’s my suggestion: Why can’t we all respect one another’s choices? The fruits and vegetables can get along. Why can’t we?