By Jessica Domel

It’s been a long day. I’m hungry. I’m tired. And all I really want is to flop into bed.

Should I grab a hamburger from that fast food place? Or pick at the potato chips in my cabinet?

Potato chips for the win.

Deep down I realize it’s not a healthy choice, but sometimes my inner voice says, “I’m tired. Who cares?”

That was until I talked to my doctor. He said making choices for convenience had led to weight gain and weren’t doing my body any favors in the long run.

Apparently, I’m not a college kid anymore.

At first his recommendations seemed like a lot of work: get rid of junk foods, buy healthier snacks, keep track of what I eat, and the big shocker, giving up my beloved soft drinks.

I thought that last one would kill me.

The first few days were terrible. I gave in more than once. But slowly, I’ve been able to reduce my sugar intake. I still crave a good ol’ Dr Pepper, but I make healthier choices.

I have an assortment of fruits and vegetables strategically placed across my kitchen. At first, they annoyed me. Now, those bananas entice me.

Keeping track of what I eat has been the hardest part. I get busy and forget; but hey, nobody’s perfect.

We talk a lot about food on Texas Table Top, and I wanted y’all to know we’re not perfect either. We struggle with making good decisions. Just like you.

Every day I tell myself to be conscious of what I eat and drink. Slowly, I’m making healthier choices and building better habits.

I’ve just said no to potato chips and Oreos. Now when I come home, I grab a banana, rosy-red apple or a handful of carrots. I may be busy, but some things are worth the time.

Are you willing to take time for a healthier you?