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Back to Basics: Pan Gravy

September 4, 2015|Categories: Back to Basics, Featured, Kid-Friendly Meals, Recipes, Side Dishes|Tags: , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard Gravy. Warm and flavorful. It makes potatoes, rice and biscuits shine. Good at any meal for so many reasons. Quick and easy. And it makes everything taste better! Remember when your mom or grandma kept a can of fat sitting on the back of the stove? I do. My mom used bacon grease in all [...]

Seven Layer Dip

May 1, 2015|Categories: Appetizers, Featured, Holiday Treats, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard Hooray for sunshine! Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE the rain here in Central Texas. But it can sure wreak havoc on the weekend plans. This weekend, in particular, there will be several celebrations for Cinco De Mayo. Snack foods are always at the center of any party I throw. Add a [...]

Spanish Rice

April 24, 2015|Categories: Featured, Recipes, Side Dishes|Tags: , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard Rice. Grown with pride by Texas farmers. It's an important economic driver in Southeast Texas. My favorite is a long-grain basmati rice, also known as Texmati. It has an amazing buttery flavor perfect for this week’s south of the border treat. Just in time for next week’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations. For Spanish [...]

Pot Roast

April 17, 2015|Categories: Beef, Featured, Main Dishes, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard There are no alarm clocks on a farm. And sun up and sun down aren’t always the indication of the start and end of a work day for farmers and ranchers. But a warm meal is always a welcome sight, no matter the time of day. And it’s always worth the wait. [...]

Loving your heart

February 3, 2015|Categories: Healthy Eating, Texas Agriculture|Tags: , , , |

By Jessica Domel February holds a special place in my heart. Not because of Valentine’s Day, but because of Heart Health Month. Heart disease runs in my family. And my father was just hospitalized for a heart-related issue. Sitting in the emergency room with him was a wake-up call for me, and for my family. [...]

Tamale Pie

January 16, 2015|Categories: Beef, Beef, Casseroles, Corn, Featured, Main Dishes, Onions, Recipes|Tags: , , |

By Kelly Bogard Sometimes a cold and dreary day can spark genius. It happened while having lunch with several Texas Farm Bureau co-workers and talking about what types of food we like in the winter. Of course, as Texans, Tex-Mex was quite high on the list. As well as things like stew and potato soup. [...]

Must-Have Hearty French Onion Soup

January 2, 2015|Categories: Healthy Eating, Onions, Recipes, Soups & Salads|Tags: , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard You've heard me talk about how much I love getting fresh produce from our members. It's just one of the many ways I showcase Texas agriculture. And I love when members send me recipes to go with it. Several months ago, Jessica Domel introduced you to Bruce “Onion Man” Frasier, president of Dixondale [...]

Four-Cheese Lasagna

October 10, 2014|Categories: Beef, Beef, Casseroles, Main Dishes, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard Preparing for a family gathering can be a tough challenge. You set the date and time. You invite the guests. But what about the food? It has to look good, taste good and fill everyone's stomachs! Sounds like a job for lasagna. That means a plate smothered with an abundance of noodles, [...]

Macaroni and Meat

May 30, 2014|Categories: Beef, Beef, Featured, Kid-Friendly Meals, Main Dishes, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard Every once in a while I get kicked out of my kitchen at home. Not because I am not doing a good job, but because my amazing husband wants to cook. During our 20-year relationship, he has cooked for me countless times and each meal is wonderful. We enjoy cooking together and [...]

Look deeper into the meat counter

April 22, 2014|Categories: Beef, Food Prices, Texas Agriculture|Tags: , , , , , |

By Julie Vrazel There’s no way to deny it—the cost of everything is rising, including beef. And significant price relief isn’t around the corner. While we’ve been enjoying years of steady retail beef prices, Texas ranchers have dealt with volatile markets. Today, those price swings are making their way into the grocery store. But do [...]