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Armadillo Eggs

February 2, 2018|Categories: Appetizers, Dairy, Featured, Recipes, Texas Agriculture, Texas Products|Tags: , , , |

By Justin Walker A day of football and food. The Big Game is Sunday, and family and friends will get together and cheer for their favorite team. The food, however, is almost as important as the game. Some might say even more important. I guess it depends if your team is playing. Either way, I’m [...]

Armadillo Eggs

February 2, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

Armadillo Eggs - - jalapeno, sausage, cream cheese, bread crumbs, Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. ; Rinse the peppers. ; Cut off the stem and make one cut down to the tip.; Take a spoon and carefully core the jalapenos. ; Using a knife, pack the cream cheese into the peppers. ; Mold the [...]

Back to Basics: Deviled Eggs

June 5, 2015|Categories: Featured, Side Dishes|Tags: , , , |

By Kelly Bogard The last day of school has come and gone and now thoughts turn to summer. Barbecues and picnics. Trips to the beach. Camping. When the sun is out, it's time to play! The need for quick, fun foods takes the place of the soul-warming meals of winter. Big Red cupcakes and homemade [...]

Things Texas has taught me

April 27, 2021|Categories: Featured|Tags: , |

Texas is big, bold and beautiful. And there are lessons to be learned in every corner of the state.

Common sayings rooted in farm wisdom

January 26, 2021|Categories: Featured|Tags: , , , |

Have you ‘herd’? Many common phrases in the American vocabulary have agricultural roots.

It’s only natural

April 28, 2020|Categories: COVID-19, Featured, Texas Agriculture|Tags: , , , , , , |

By Jennifer Dorsett Heading into the fifth month since COVID-19 was first reported, many of us have come face-to-face with a sobering realization: sometimes, nature is actively seeking to harm us. But it’s nothing personal. In fact, it’s only natural. Diseases are about as natural as they come. Bacteria and viruses evolve or mutate over [...]

A healthy new year brought to you by agriculture

January 7, 2020|Categories: Featured|Tags: , , , , , , , |

By Jennifer Dorsett It’s that time again. The fresh start of a new year. Like many of us, I snacked and dined my way through the holidays. And I may have put on a little extra padding in the process. In order to reacquaint myself with my favorite jeans, I set goals and look to [...]

School’s out. Summer’s in!

June 11, 2019|Categories: Featured, Texas Agriculture|Tags: , , , , , |

By Macie Clugston School is out. And summer is in! But on the farm, summer activities look a bit different. Early mornings. Late nights. And long, hot hours in between. Summer is a busy season in agriculture. The to-do list is never-ending on a farm. In the wise words of farmers everywhere, “the work doesn’t [...]

National Egg Month is egg-citing!

May 16, 2019|Categories: Featured|Tags: , , , , , , |

By Jessica Domel Feeling a little fried? Scrambling for something to cook today? This month, we’re celebrating an eggcellent source of protein that is sure to please both your family and their taste buds. Whether you like them brown, white or even green, eggs are a versatile part of a balanced diet. At about 19 [...]

Peppermint Cupcakes

December 14, 2018|Categories: Christmas, Desserts, Featured, Holiday Treats, Recipes|Tags: , , , |

By Kelly Bogard It's funny how the time of year can make you want certain flavors. I noticed that I have a flavor for every season. For spring, I like something bright such as lemon. And during the summer, I go for a classic vanilla flavor like in ice cream. In the fall, I can't get [...]