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Back to Basics: Buttermilk Biscuits

Mar 07, 14 Back to Basics: Buttermilk Biscuits

By Kelly Bogard

Some things in life are made to be simple. Unfortunately, sometimes cooking is not that way. Sometimes it is messy. Sometimes it has complicated ingredients or steps. But other times, it can be so simple that it is scary.

Such is the case with Buttermilk Biscuits. This is one of those things that a person who is intimidated by baking might not ever make from scratch. I know it is easy to reach for the can of biscuits in the fridge or the box of mix from the pantry. I’ve done that, too, but every once in a while it is nice to say, “I made this all by myself.” And have it turn out better than any store-bought helpers.

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Busting beef nutrition myths

Mar 04, 14 Busting beef nutrition myths

By Julie Vrazel

Eating preferences—we all have them. Some choose to be vegetarians, while others pursue the vegan route. Then, there are folks—myself included—who are omnivores.

Growing up on my family’s cow-calf operation in Central Texas, there was only one way to eat—a balanced meal that included meat and vegetables. But I was an open-minded 10-year-old ready to experience the vegetarian menu.

That lasted four days.

I respect everyone’s right to eat the way they choose, even if I don’t agree. But my active lifestyle wasn’t conducive to the vegetarian option.

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Chicken Fried Steak

Feb 28, 14 Chicken Fried Steak

By Kelly Bogard

Ah, Texas. How I love thee, let me count the ways.

1) You have awesome spaces–big cities and tiny towns.
2) You have the friendliest people around.
3) You have year round beauty as the sun shines down.

So it’s time to celebrate this awesome place we call home. Sunday, March 2, is the 178th anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independence. What better way to celebrate than a bigger-than-Texas Chicken Fried Steak (CFS)?

For Chicken Fried Steak, you will need…

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Power at the polls

Feb 26, 14 Power at the polls

By Jessica Domel

A few minutes of your time could have a lasting effect on you, your family, neighbors and even your community. All you have to do is spend that time wisely. I recommend you invest at your local polling location.

Sometimes there are long lines, many decisions to make and names on the ballot that you may not recognize. Do your homework. It’s important because the decision that you make determines who leads our communities, our state and our nation for the next two or four years.

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Safe. From our farm to your table.

Feb 21, 14 Safe. From our farm to your table.

By Shannon Sparks

Being a mother isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it.

You want the best for your children, but sometimes you question the decisions you make. Do we buy the expensive baby swing or do we opt for the more economical one? What are the right food choices for nutrition and safety? Am I teaching my children the proper skills at the proper time?

The one thing I’ve always known was right was the decision my husband and I made to raise our children on our farm.

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Farming for my family and yours

Feb 20, 14 Farming for my family and yours

By Curt Mowery

Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to food. Some choose organic. Others choose conventional. I like grain fed beef. My neighbor likes grass fed. The possibilities are endless and boil down to personal preference and what fits your lifestyle.

Farmers also have many choices when it comes to growing food. We weigh our markets, what our land will do, take a look at demand and our personal goals and come up with a game plan. However you choose to eat, there’s a farmer out there willing to grow it.

And that’s all good.

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