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Celebrating foods and fibers and the men and women who grow them

Feb 17, 14 Celebrating foods and fibers and the men and women who grow them

By Gene Hall

Organic. Conventional. Natural. Modern. Local. Grassfed. Grainfed. The choices are endless for consumers when it comes to food and the farmers and ranchers who grow it.

Confusion often reigns as some with evangelical zeal turn up their noses at how you like to eat. Scare tactics are used by everyone from multi-billion-dollar corporations like Chipotle, fond of slamming modern agriculture in their marketing efforts, to animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States with their vegan agenda, to scores of individuals who use the Internet as a platform to advance some flavor of the month cause.

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Creamed Spinach

Feb 14, 14 Creamed Spinach

By Kelly Bogard

Do you have plans for a Valentine’s dinner? Did you make the reservations? What? You got busy and forgot? No way! It’s that time again. Time to stress out over how to plan a memorable moment on Cupid’s special day. I think I’ve told you this before, but we don’t usually go out for this holiday. Not because we don’t want to go out for a nice meal or make memorable moments, but because it is my wonderful mom-in-law’s birthday, too. See, the stress of making sure the reservations are set and that the restaurant still doesn’t have an hour wait isn’t really the way to celebrate and make memories.

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Meet a Texas spinach farmer: Ed Ritchie

Feb 11, 14 Meet a Texas spinach farmer: Ed Ritchie

By Julie Vrazel

Spinach—the vegetable made popular by the fast-talking, squinty-eyed Popeye the Sailor Man—is packed with nutrients and grown right here in the Winter Garden area of Southwest Texas.

This leafy, green crop is spread over 3,500 acres and grown by 14 farmers in this region of the Lone Star State. Ed Ritchie, a third generation farmer, is continuing his family’s tradition of supplying consumers with this healthy choice since the early 1920s.

Although there are more than 100 spinach varieties, Ed concentrates on two categories: crinkly-leaf spinach used for cooking and baby-leaf spinach found mainly in salad bars.

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Back to Basics: Pie Crust

Feb 07, 14 Back to Basics: Pie Crust

By Kelly Bogard

Okay, I will admit it. Last week, the pie crust I made for the Chocolate Pie was the first homemade pie crust I have made by myself. With the convenience of prepackaged crusts, I had convinced myself that it was too hard. What if the butter wasn’t cold enough? What if it was too flaky? What if it was too wet? All of these things made me want to pull out the trusty refrigerator box of dough. With the encouragement of a co-worker, I decided it was time to conquer that fear. I used a variation of his family recipe and ta-da! The perfect pie crust.

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No food fights here

Feb 04, 14 No food fights here

By Jessica Domel

For two days, I waited for the battle royale to begin in my refrigerator, but alas, every time I opened the door I found a plain looking head of organic cabbage hanging out on the bottom shelf with my traditionally-grown carrots and cilantro.

After all that’s been posted on Facebook lately about the battle between organic and non-organic, I thought for sure there would be half a head of cabbage left hanging for dear life off the bottom shelf while the carrots and cilantro desperately tried to seek refuge on a taller shelf.

That didn’t happen.

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Chocolate Pie

Jan 31, 14 Chocolate Pie

By Kelly Bogard

You might not know this, but sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas or recipes for the blog. Sometimes it is recipe block and sometimes I just can’t find enough time to sit down and think it out. Luckily, I have a huge building full of people from which to bounce ideas off and get suggestions.

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