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Beef Fajitas

Jun 06, 14 Beef Fajitas

By Kelly Bogard

There are a few things that I think everyone needs to know how to make while in Texas. Some of us are born here, some grew up here and the rest just got here as fast as they could. So, as a Texan, these are the foods that I consider “Texas.”

Chicken Fried Steak
Peach Cobbler
Big Red Ice Cream
Beef Fajitas

As you can see, there are some I have given you recipes for and a few that are bound to come. Today, I’m going to tackle what I think is the easiest of all of these recipes.

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Called to serve

Jun 03, 14 Called to serve

By Jessica Domel

We were called to farm. That’s what one of our Texas Farm Bureau members said to me the other day when I asked her what it was like to be a first generation farmer in Texas. She said she felt that God had guided her husband, and later her, to start a farm, take care of the land, the animals and their family.

After I got off the phone with her, I sat there and thought about what she said. She’s right. Farming isn’t just a job. It’s not something you can go to at 9 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m., only to pick it up again the next day. It’s a 24/7, 365-days-per-year commitment that you cannot take lightly.

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Macaroni and Meat

May 30, 14 Macaroni and Meat

By Kelly Bogard

Every once in a while I get kicked out of my kitchen at home. Not because I am not doing a good job, but because my amazing husband wants to cook. During our 20-year relationship, he has cooked for me countless times and each meal is wonderful. We enjoy cooking together and have made it a priority to teach “Butters” how to enjoy cooking as well.

This past weekend was a busy one. We are getting ready to move to a new home. After packing pretty much the entire weekend, D still wanted to cook dinner. So, with “Butters” help, they made one of his favorite childhood meals.

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Rain: A blessing, not a curse

May 27, 14 Rain: A blessing, not a curse

By Jessica Domel

The way we Texans react to rainfall is amusing. My Twitter feed ranges from complaints about forgotten umbrellas, wet shoes and freshly-washed cars to heavenly praises, overwhelming gratitude and relief.

I see both sides of the coin. I don’t like having wet socks. I don’t like sporting the wet cat look at work because I forgot my umbrella. But I love rain. I love the way it smells when it hits farmland, the way it washes the dust off my truck and the way it replenishes the parched Texas soil.

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Tangy Fruit Salsa

May 23, 14 Tangy Fruit Salsa

By Kelly Bogard

The sun is shining! The sun is shining! I am so very excited the days are getting longer and we can enjoy the amazing weather we are having. Now of course, it would be better if we could get some late night, early morning showers to pull us out of the drought.

I will be spending the weekend trying to soak up just a little more of this glorious cool weather before the Texas heat sets in. It’s also a holiday weekend so we get a little extra time. If you haven’t noticed, holidays at my home always include party food. This week is no exception.  See at our house, Memorial Day is not just a day to remember, but a day of celebration.  And we look at it as the unofficial start of summer too.

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Farmers and ranchers are gardeners, too

May 20, 14 Farmers and ranchers are gardeners, too

By Julie Vrazel

A short drive to the outskirts of town can lead you to a whole new world. Highways and paved roads turn to gravel, lined with fields full of wheat, corn, soybeans and more.

Wheat is turning a golden color and corn is rapidly reaching for the sky—signs that summer is fast approaching. And you’re sure to see farmers checking those crops in the fields. Because, you see, farmers are gardeners. Just on a bigger scale.

Just as you water your garden, some farmers rely on irrigation to help their crops grow. Other farmers rely solely on the chance of rain.

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