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Baked Apples

Nov 13, 15 Baked Apples

By Kelly Bogard

The holidays are fast approaching and my kitchen is heating up.

In the past week, Butters and I have baked for several different occasions. From cakes to brownies, we have been busy.

As I start my Thanksgiving list, I always try to think of something unique I can add to the traditional sweets brought to the table. This year, instead of having apple pie, I think that we will try out this recipe.

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Transformation Tuesday: From field to fabric

Nov 10, 15 Transformation Tuesday: From field to fabric

By Jessica Domel

Take a drive through the Plains of Texas this time of year and you’re bound to find a field or two of white, fluffy cotton.

I was fortunate the other day to visit a Texas family harvesting their cotton.

There, they told me about the amazing transformation cotton goes through to get to our homes.

First, it’s not just used for our favorite fabric.

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Emergency Baking Substitutes

Nov 06, 15 Emergency Baking Substitutes

By Kelly Bogard

Thanksgiving’s coming. Let the baking begin!

Try as I might to get everything on my grocery list for each recipe, I always forget something.

That’s why I love a good substitute. Having an understanding of alternatives is a great way to ensure your recipes still come together—even when you find a key ingredient missing.

Here are a few that are perfect for baking.

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Lessons learned at the end of a country road

Nov 03, 15 Lessons learned at the end of a country road

By Julie Tomascik

A walk. A ride. Or a drive. It doesn’t matter how. Just take a trip down a country road.

One that is uneven, challenging and demanding. A bumpy road paved with lessons in life. And the twists and turns that come with it.

Something that’s all too familiar for Texas farm and ranch families. Those who’ve been on the land for generations. And those who are just making their start.

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Candy Corn Popcorn

Oct 30, 15 Candy Corn Popcorn

By Kelly Bogard

Things are starting to get spooky around here. Adorable ghosts and happy little goblins are making the final adjustments to their costumes and treat bags. As a mom of a tiny purple butterfly, I know the costume is only half the adventure of Halloween. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the candy.

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