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Look deeper into the meat counter

Apr 22, 14 Look deeper into the meat counter

By Julie Vrazel

There’s no way to deny it—the cost of everything is rising, including beef. And significant price relief isn’t around the corner.

While we’ve been enjoying years of steady retail beef prices, Texas ranchers have dealt with volatile markets. Today, those price swings are making their way into the grocery store.

But do you know why?

It started back in 2010 when the rains stopped. Grass in the pastures died. Tanks went dry. And Texas cattlemen and women began selling the herds they spent years raising.

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The wrath of Mother Nature

Apr 15, 14 The wrath of Mother Nature

By Julie Vrazel

Even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong.

Nine months ago, my farmer fiancé and I bred our first-calf heifers to calving-ease bulls, which means we expected all of the calves to have low birth weights.

But that wasn’t the case Sunday afternoon as one of our heifers went into labor. We kept an eye on her, but stayed out of her way to let her natural mothering instincts come through.

When she was still unable to calve on her own, we took her to the veterinarian, who performed a cesarean (c-section). Three hours later and a crew of veterinarians and technicians, the calf was delivered stillborn.

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Ultimate BLT Salad

Apr 11, 14 Ultimate BLT Salad

By Kelly Bogard

I wouldn’t touch a salad when I was a kid. I thought it was yucky. No amount of ranch dressing or cheese would make me want to eat it. Nowadays, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Maybe my body is trying to play catch-up to years of neglect. Or maybe my palate changed.

My daughter, however, loves salad. We eat it regularly with meals at home and there must be a shareable portion, if we are out for dinner, from either her daddy’s plate or mine. Even though she is a salad lover, I know the plight of those little ones who are not. My easy solution is to add a whole bunch of yummy things to make it taste all the better.

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A film for farmers and foodies

Apr 08, 14 A film for farmers and foodies

By Jessica Domel

Knowing that I often blog about food and food-related issues here, a friend of mine asked me a few months ago to sit down with her and my dad and watch a documentary on the food industry and American farmers and ranchers. My dad got about halfway through the film before walking outside, partly because he’s not used to sitting indoors that long, but partly because, as a man who’s worked on a farm most of his life, he couldn’t watch it anymore.

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Back to Basics: Grilled Cheese

Apr 04, 14 Back to Basics: Grilled Cheese

By Kelly Bogard

There’s just something about a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It is amazing that something so simple can be so good. Warm melted cheese sandwiched between two buttery slices of crusty brown bread. Just the thought of it makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside.

This month is National Grilled Cheese month. I don’t know who comes up with all of the food holidays, but I sure am glad they picked this sandwich to have its very own month. It’s so simply perfect and basic. In fact, I think it was one of the very first things I was taught to make. That makes it perfect for a Back to Basics recipe.

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Texas farmers, ranchers embrace technology

Apr 01, 14 Texas farmers, ranchers embrace technology

By Jessica Domel

Technology is a part of who we are as Americans. We use it to connect with family, friends and people we haven’t seen in years. Many of us also use it professionally to promote ourselves, our businesses and our industries. But when it comes to agriculture, many believe that “technology” and “change” are dirty words. They’re not.

Farmers and ranchers in the Lone Star State work day-in and day-out to grow quality and value for their consumers, no matter where they are. Farmers and ranchers may not wear a suit and tie every day, but they’re definitely businessmen and women. They watch their bottom line. They look carefully at the products they’re growing to ensure they’re safe and affordable for the rest of us.

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