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Chipotle: Marketing machine or responsible food supplier?

Apr 28, 15 Chipotle: Marketing machine or responsible food supplier?

By Julie Tomascik

No more GMOs? That’s the route Chipotle announced it’s taking. Because the burrito giant wants to sell food with “integrity.”

I admire that.

But I don’t admire the fear-driven marketing scheme that misleads consumers like you and me. The marketing plan they use 365 days a year.

Chipotle wants you to believe non-GMO foods are better, without citing credible sources.

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Spanish Rice

Apr 24, 15 Spanish Rice

By Kelly Bogard

Rice. Grown with pride by Texas farmers.

It’s not a huge crop by Texas standards. But it’s an important economic driver in Southeast Texas.

My favorite is a long-grain basmati rice, also known as Texmati.

It has an amazing buttery flavor perfect for this week’s south of the border treat. Just in time for next week’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

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Finding inspiration across Texas

Apr 21, 15 Finding inspiration across Texas

By Jessica Domel

I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration. I scroll through Twitter. I look at Facebook. I read a lot of books. But over the years, I’ve found that my greatest source of inspiration and creativity is people.

I can capture a hundred great photos of wildflowers that people will like. But it takes a photo of a sweet little girl blowing on her first dandelion to get the reaction I’m looking for.

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Pot Roast

Apr 17, 15 Pot Roast

By Kelly Bogard

There are no alarm clocks on a farm. And sun up and sun down aren’t always the indication of the start and end of a work day for farmers and ranchers.

But a warm meal is always a welcome sight, no matter the time of day. And it’s always worth the wait.

Just like this week’s recipe. It’s a traditional favorite that takes a little time and effort. But that tasty meal is definitely worth the wait!

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A case of Spring Fever

Apr 14, 15 A case of Spring Fever

I’ll admit it. I have a severe case of Spring Fever.

The soil is calling my name, and I’m itching to dig my fingers in it.

Getting outdoors and embracing nature just does something good for the soul. It’s why farmers and ranchers enjoy their jobs.

And it’s one of the many reasons I enjoy being a part of Texas agriculture.

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