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Meet a Texas rice farmer: Curt Mowery

By Jessica Domel Did you know the average American consumes approximately 24 pounds of rice each year?  Twenty-four pounds! That's a lot of chicken and rice casserole, Spanish rice and the classic–plain white rice. So why do Americans eat so much rice?  Maybe it's because it's relatively cheap. It could also be that it's low [...]

Steak Betti

By Kelly Bogard Have you ever had something stuck in your head and it just won't get out...like a song, an idea or even a recipe?  This seems to happen to me constantly.  If it is a song, I have to sing it out loud before I can get it out.  An idea, yep, I have [...]

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Slow Cooker Chicken with Wild Rice

By Kelly Bogard What is it about chicken that just warms us to the core? I have always looked to chicken as a comfort food. Think about it—Roasted Chicken with Dressing, Chicken Pot Pie, Fried Chicken...There is just something about chicken that makes me feel at home. Unfortunately, chicken takes time to cook and prepare. [...]

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Texas Jambalaya

By Kelly Bogard This week, Texas Farm Bureau has been celebrating Food Check-Out Week. Food Check-Out Week is all about promoting Texas agriculture, sharing facts about food and opening the lines of communication between farmers and consumers. As someone who works with farmers and ranchers, and as a consumer of their products, I get to [...]

And the winner is… Rice Meat Patties

By Amanda Hill As I mentioned, Texas rice farmers make the best rice dishes. I learned last week as a judge of the Colorado County Rice Dish Contest that the fine Texas rice farmers down there really know how to make a good thing—Texas rice—even better. The grand prize went to Colorado County Farm Bureau [...]

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