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Stuffed Bell Peppers

By Kelly Bogard Roadside stands and farmers markets are the place to be this time of year. The sights, sounds and people make for a fun trip. And the tasty fruits, vegetables and goodies are the perfect take-aways! There’s a lot to love about Texas. And our abundance of farmers markets is one of them! [...]

Warm Rice Salad

By Kelly Bogard From patties to flour, rice is a versatile ingredient. Nutritious? It sure is! A common staple in homes across Texas and the U.S., this carbohydrate is high in fiber and magnesium. And it’s good for heart health! Besides its health benefits, rice is an important crop for Texas farmers. It’s grown along [...]

Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole

By Kelly Bogard There are some recipes you know by heart. Such is the case with many of my family’s recipes. There are staples at our Thanksgiving feast each year and many follow the “you just know” recipe style. When I asked my sweet momma for this week’s recipe, she told me those exact words. [...]

Meet a Texas rice farmer: Curt Mowery

By Jessica Domel Did you know the average American consumes approximately 24 pounds of rice each year?  Twenty-four pounds! That's a lot of chicken and rice casserole, Spanish rice and the classic–plain white rice. So why do Americans eat so much rice?  Maybe it's because it's relatively cheap. It could also be that it's low [...]

Steak Betti

By Kelly Bogard Have you ever had something stuck in your head and it just won't get out...like a song, an idea or even a recipe?  This seems to happen to me constantly.  If it is a song, I have to sing it out loud before I can get it out.  An idea, yep, I have [...]

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