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Just Peachy Pops

By Kelly Bogard I love making treats for Butters. As we get closer to summer, I was looking for something to make for her - something that would not only fulfill her sweet tooth, but also not make her bounce off the walls like the average four-year old does when something fun is coming soon. [...]

Prickly Apple Crumble

By Kelly Bogard In the famous words of Hank Snow and more recently Brian Burns, "I've been everywhere man. I've been everywhere." Now that summer is officially over, I've had a few minutes to look back on the places we have been and the people we got to see. Since Butters is a little older now, [...]

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Smarty Pants Pitas

By Kelly Bogard Ah yes, it's that time of year. The house gets a little quieter as the kids leave to fill the hallways of their schools with excitement for a new school year. My little Butters isn't quite old enough for "big kid" school yet, but that doesn't stop her from talking about it. [...]

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Very Berry Camp Cobbler

By Kelly Bogard This past weekend, my husband and I, along with my parents and my brother, took Butters on her first camping trip. Or, maybe I should say "glamping" trip... See, her camping experience was much more glamorous than anything I ever had growing up. She had air conditioning, a restroom and a bed that [...]

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Pineapple Party Sandwiches

By Kelly Bogard When I was growing up, my mom used to make the most amazing food for baby showers and bridal showers. I remember helping her prepare endless sandwiches, cookies and punch. There was one thing that she made that tasted just like what I thought summer must taste like—Pineapple Party Sandwiches. These creamy, [...]

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