Texas Table Top—Celebrating the foods, places and people of the Lone Star State.


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Cindy Wennin is the Senior Graphic Designer for Texas Farm Bureau.

Price on the shelf (food prices, part 4 0f 4)

Read part 3 of 4 So, what can you expect on your next trip to the grocery store? American consumers likely will pay moderately higher prices at the store for some food products, particularly for processed goods that require additional links in the production chain. “We’d expect to see the goods with a higher degree [...]

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Welcome to Texas Table Top!

We’re excited to introduce you to Texas Table Top, a site to celebrate the many foods, places and people that make the Lone Star State great.  The thing I love most about Texas is its diversity. You can drive a few hours and see everything from flat, sweeping plains to a bustling major city to [...]

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