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Cindy Wennin is the Senior Graphic Designer for Texas Farm Bureau.

Texas Stuffed Shrimp

By Cindy Wennin Vacations and longer days. It's summer. A time for beaches, sunshine and seafood. And the Lone Star State has plenty of all three. But seafood is sometimes overlooked in Texas agriculture. It's a smaller business, but it packs a punch in the flavor department. And did you know Texas is home to its [...]

Merry Christmas

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Cook mine, please!

By Gene Hall I think I’ve uncovered a disturbing trend. I go to a lot of luncheons and dinners. Sometimes there is a fine cut of steak at these events—my favorite. However, I’m starting to wonder, does anyone actually cook a steak at these events anymore? When it comes to steak, I am a “medium” [...]

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An open letter to consumers: 5 things farmers want you to know

Dear Texas Consumer, As a farmer, I have a passion for growing things. I take enormous pride in providing your family the necessities of life—not only the food that nurtures them but the fiber that protects them from the sun, cold, wind and rain. I wonder why many hold my profession in disregard. I see [...]

Just don’t call it ‘hot cheese’

By Amanda Hill What’s the test of a true Texan? Ask them what they call melted, spicy cheese. I cringe at “hot cheese” and “cheese dip”—It’s queso, bless their hearts… Cinco de Mayo is this week, and like any good Texan, I’ll be celebrating with my favorite Tex-Mex dinner—chicken enchiladas, rice and more chips, salsa [...]

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